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6 outrageously expensive gifts for your dog, and their more realistic alternatives

on November 21, 2012

I was surfing the web, curious to find out what the extremely wealthy pay for pet products these days.  And with Christmas quickly approaching, I’m also on the lookout for a present for Grizzly, so I decided to compile this list of super expensive gifts, together with their more down-to-earth counterparts.  I’m still undecided on what to get for Grizzly, but it was fun to check out online pet stores.  I hope you enjoy my list!

As a side note, I haven’t bought any of these products, therefore I can’t recommend them or the stores that carry them.  This is just a list of dog products I would like to try.  If you happen to purchase any of them, let us know how you liked them and leave a message.

1.  Louis Vuitton Monogram Dog Carrier Bag  $1,050

Nice!  But that at that price it is way out of my budget. And this particular one is not even new but pre-owned!   I found this other carrier which is also very classy,  and looks well made, at a much more affordable price. It’s called the Santa Monica Pet Carrier. ($120)

2.  Amour, Amour Dog Collar  $3,200,000

I can only imagine the house I could buy with this amount of money!!  The collar is made of crocodile leather, 18-K white gold and 1600 hand-set real diamonds. Can you imagine if the dogs rips the collar off and eats the diamonds?  That would be some fancy shit you’d be picking up at the park!  Literally.

If bling is your thing (or your dog’s) you may like this rhinestone collar I found on Etsy.  It’s handmade and its real leather.  I think it’s lovely, and I like the price too. ($26)

3.   Eiffel Tower Dog Bed  $24,000

I have no idea why this bed is so expensive.  It does have a lot of detail and the bedding material looks expensive but,  I mean, with that kind of money you can fly your dog first class to Paris and let her see the Eiffel Tower in real life!  And still be able to afford this next bed.  It’s not a canopy bed, those are always expensive, but somehow the Strawberry Truffle Le Pet Lounger, at $80,  makes me think of Paris (because I’ll be a lot closer to a trip there if I buy this one instead of the previous one).

I really love these 2 beds.  They’re expensive too, but I would totally get them if I were super wealthy.

But at $1950 and $1800 respectively, I don’t think I’ll be getting them any time soon.  So instead I found these 2 other ones which are also very cute.  The Diva Bed ($80), and the Enchanted Home Pet Bed ($139.99).

4.  Woof Turquoise Swarovski Crystal Lead  $220

This is a very nice retractable leash, but there are  more affordable versions for the bling-aholic.  Like this one that retails at $50.

Or there’s always the original Flexi Leash, which now comes in many colors and designs ($55)

5.  Couture Leopard Fur with Glass Beads Coat $330

This cute coat is faux fur, of course.  You can find some real mink dog coats online, but they won’t disclose their prices unless you’re truly interested and make an appointment.  Well, I’m not interested because I’d never buy a a real mink coat for myself, let alone my dog.  But this faux leopard one is gorgeous.  I also found more affordable alternatives, with faux fur trim only.

This is the Aubrey Coat ($80)

Or this Quilted Parka ($45)

6.  Versace Barocco Pet Bowl $754

I have no idea where you can buy this bowl, but it must exist because I saw it mentioned in several websites.  I like the Bowery Dish much better though.  I like the price better, too. ($50)

It’s not the cheapest bowl out there, but it’s unusual, attention grabbing, and would go well with many kitchen styles.

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